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How to fix QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

Here, you’ll learn all there is to know about QuickBooks Error Code C=272. The knowledge you get explains how something occurs, what it causes, why it occurs, and how to correct it. Let’s study this article to ascertain the cause and measures for resolving this problem code.

QuickBooks Error Code C=272
QuickBooks Error Code C=272

What causes QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

This problem occurs when the user uses the Verify Data Utility or Rebuild Data on their QuickBooks Desktop. Another cause is when a person executes a memorised report or works with work data.

What happens if you are confronted with QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

When a user encounters this problem, all of the user’s operations, client, and payroll data is likewise broken, damaged, or corrupted. This results in the programme ceasing to function. To fix it, you must determine the cause and implement the remedies. Additionally, you must maintain a backup of your data to recover it at any moment.

What are the possible causes of QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

The following is a list of reasons. Therefore, determine the root of this problem with your system so that you can proceed with the appropriate remedy to resolve QuickBooks Error Code C=272 in your QuickBooks application.

The following are the reasons:-

  • While browsing through the data in a report
  • Verify or rebuild utility that encounters a target Bit Set that is not inside QuickBooks’s intended range.
  • When printing W2 or q099 forms
  • QuickBooks program’s data has been corrupted
  • Executing the memorised report created on a previous version of QuickBooks.

What is the most effective way for resolving QuickBooks Error C=272?

The procedure for resolving the problem code is thorough so that you can simply follow the procedures one by one.

To resolve problem number C=272 on your QuickBooks Desktop account, follow these four steps. The steps are as follows:-

Step 1: Open the QuickBooks Sample Company File 

  • Launch the QuickBooks desktop application.
  • When you launch QuickBooks, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard.
  • When the No Company Open screen appears, let go of the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
    • QuickBooks Error Code C=272
  • Select the option. Activate the Sample File.
  • To open the example file, choose it from the available list.
  • After that, choose the file and click the button. Activate the Sample File
  • Once again, choose the Sample file from the list.
  • Finally, open the example file.

Note- If an error occurs before accessing the No Company File window, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Using the QuickBooks shortcut icon, disable Windows’ compatibility mode.

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks icon and right-click it.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the option Properties.
  • Select the Compatibility option.
    • QuickBooks Error Code C=272
  • Ascertain that the item labelled Run Program incompatible is unchecked.
  • Following that, click the OK button to proceed.
  • Now click the Cancel button to go to the subsequent stage.

Step 3: Disable Windows compatibility mode for the qbw32.exe file.

  • Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon to select it.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu, pick the option Properties.
  • Navigate to the QB installation folder and double-click the shortcut.
  • Select the Find option and do a file search.
  • Then, right-click the qbw32.exe file.
  • To begin, open Properties and then click on Compatibility.
  • Remove the checkmark from the box titled Run application in compatibility mode.
    • QuickBooks Error Code C=272
  • Following that, click the OK button.
  • If the checkbox is already unmarked, choose the Cancel option.
  • Now, you must shut Windows Explorer and then the QuickBooks desktop shortcut’s properties window.

Step 4: Open the QuickBooks business file 

  • To begin, launch the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Then choose File from the menu bar.
  • Open the company file by selecting the appropriate option.
  • Now choose the file you want to open and you are finished.


Finally, you’ll learn how to resolve QuickBooks Error Code C=272 on your QuickBooks Desktop programme. Each cause is presented so that you may determine why this error code occurred. The answer to the four simple steps is also detailed so that you may resolve it on your own.

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