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How to fix QuickBooks error code C=51?

QuickBooks software is very famous across the globe for its ability to provide superior accounting services. However, it is highly prone to mistakes caused by software malfunctions and corporate file problems. QuickBooks error code C=51 indicates that QuickBooks is unable to locate the TxList.

This error may be shown when the user attempts but is unable to delete the txList from the list of txLists. Additionally, it is visible when the user chooses to delete a transaction from any report.

When a user encounters this sort of difficulty, the user must terminate this programme. Close all open windows, including QuickBooks, and then restart the computer. Additionally, the user must retry the process that resulted in the C=51 error.

QuickBooks error code C=51
QuickBooks error code C=51

The reasons for the QuickBooks error code C=51

  • To be sure, understanding the root reason for the mistake might assist in resolving it. Thus, let’s take a look at some of the most often occurring cases of the QuickBooks error code C=51.
  • The initial cause might be any kind of media damage, such as backups produced on defective floppy discs.
  • Another possibility is that there are complications with QuickBooks verification.
  • This kind of error might occur as a result of a corrupted file.
  • Additionally, a mistake such as a QuickBooks rebuilds or upgrades problem might result in QuickBooks Error C=51.
  • This issue may occur if your QuickBooks database server is destroyed or corrupted.

To fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51, it is recommended that you follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Completely in close proximity.
  2. The software’s QBW file and reports.
  3. When the QuickBooks error code C=51 occurs, quit the programme and any open windows.
  4. Restart the programme and, if the issue remains, go to the remedies given below in the exact same order.

QuickBooks Error Code C=51 Resolutions

The user may attempt the following stated remedies in order to address the C=51 problem. They should, however, bear some points in mind before starting. These are the following suggestions:

  • Damaged QuickBooks data file with the extension.
  • QBW files with the extension.tlg (transaction log) are saved in the same location as the corrupt.QBW file, resulting in the transaction log file being damaged as well.
  • Backup of an earlier version of QuickBooks data file with the extensions.QBM,.QBB, and.QBW

If the QuickBooks Error Code C=51 remains unresolved, follow the steps outlined below in the same order that they are illustrated:

Step 1:- Repair your Data Files

  • The critical step in resolving QuickBooks error code C=51 is to repair your data file in the same versions of QuickBooks.
  • You do not need to update your QuickBooks version in order to utilise the corrected data file.

Solution 2: Restart QuickBooks

  • The user must shut all tabs in QuickBooks before using this procedure.
  • The user is then instructed to terminate any QuickBooks-related processes using the task manager.
  • Additionally, reopen QuickBooks and do the identical task where the issue occurred.
  • Finally, the user must recreate the data in an appropriate format.

Solution 3: Ensure that you are using the most recent version of QuickBooks.

  • When a user attempts to restore all backup files, you must either upgrade QuickBooks to the newest release or utilise the same or latest version.
  • Thus, a user may effortlessly restore backup files to their most recent version in QuickBooks.

Solution 4: Restore the Backup

  • Restore the data that was backed up.
  • After recovering QuickBooks files, the user must use Ctrl+ C to copy them to a new folder.
  • Select Properties from the context menu of the file by right-clicking it.
  • If the backup file is smaller than 6MB, then the backup file is erroneous.
  • And in such instances, the user is obliged to create another backup file. 


The four options listed above should assist you in resolving the QuickBooks error code C=51. If you get stuck in  Quickbooks Error Message H202, resolve now.

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