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How to Fix QuickBooks Error PS033?

QuickBooks Error PS033 occurs because of a damaged file in the CPS folder. QuickBooks manages business payroll very well, in part because of Intuit’s frequent upgrades. These upgrades address software problems and issues and add new tools to the tray. However, some customers get the Fix QuickBooks Error Code PS033 when they attempt to obtain payroll updates over the internet.

QuickBooks Error PS033
Fix QuickBooks Error PS033

Additionally, an error notification may appear on the screen while attempting to access the business file, stating that QuickBooks cannot read the payroll setup files. Its causes and remedies are detailed in the blog below.

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What Causes QuickBooks Error PS033?

QuickBooks payroll issue PS033 may arise for a variety of reasons on your system. Several of them are listed below:-

Reason 1:-The QuickBooks CPS folder has been corrupted or has sustained significant damage.

Reason 2:- QuickBooks Desktop is not updated to the most recent version.

Reason 3:- The User Account Control (UAC) settings are enabled.

Reason 4:- The company file has a few corrupted entries.

Reason 5:- Different software is interfering with the payroll updates.

You may see this dialogue box on your screen:

QuickBooks Error PS033

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What are the Possible Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code PS033?

The methods below will assist you in resolving the QuickBooks payroll issue PS033.

Solution 1: Obtain the Most Recent Payroll Tax Table

If you get an error notice while attempting to access your business file, follow the procedures below to update the newest tax table and payroll update.

  1. Select the Employees tab in QuickBooks.
  2. Select the Get Payroll Updates option and then click the Download Complete Payroll Updates button.
  3. Finally, click Update.

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Solution 2: Modify the QuickBooks CPS Folder’s name

If your CPS folder includes one or more corrupted files, you may rename it to instruct QuickBooks to generate a new, clean folder free of damaged data.

  1. Exit QuickBooks and go to the following directory – C: Program Files QuickBooks 20XX Components Payroll CPS.
  2. Rename the CPS folder by right-clicking on it.
  3. To save the changes, delete the name and type CPSGHJ.
  4. Restart QuickBooks and attempt to download payroll updates.

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Solution 3: Update the QuickBooks Error code PS033 Desktop Application 

Additionally, an out-of-date version of QuickBooks may result in problems such as QuickBooks payroll issue PS033. To download updates for your QuickBooks program, follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. QuickBooks and your business file should be closed.
  2. To begin, go to the Desktop and right-click on the QuickBooks icon.
  3. Navigate to the Help menu by selecting the Run as administrator option.
  4. Select the option to Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. Select the Mark All option from the Options menu, followed by a click on the Save button.
  6. To reset updates, go to the Update Now tab and choose the Reset Updates option.
  7. Select Get Updates, and then close and reopen QuickBooks after the Update has downloaded fully.
  8. To install the updates, choose Yes on the installation window.
  9. Restart your machine after the updates have been installed.

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Solution 4: Disable the User Account Control (UAC) Settings

When the user attempts an illegal modification to the operating system, UAC alerts appear. It then requests the administrator credentials and prevents further activities. To disable the UAC, follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Select Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Select User Accounts and then select it again in the following box.
  3. Continue after clicking on Change User Account Control Settings.
  4. Reduce the slider Never to Notify and click OK.
  5. Restart your computer and attempt to download the updates once again.
  6. Note- Repeat the previous steps and revert the slider Always to Notify.

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Solution 5: Use the Verify Data Utility to check for file corruption.

QuickBooks will have difficulty accessing your data file if it contains broken or corrupted files. To be specific, do the procedures outlined below to inspect the business file for damage.

  1. Navigate to QuickBooks and hover your cursor over Utilities beneath the File menu.
  2. Select the Verify Data option, and if the findings indicate that the company file has errors, you must utilize the Rebuild Data option.
  3. Return to the File menu and choose Utilities from the drop-down list.
  4. This time, choose Rebuild Data and click OK when prompted to backup your data.
  5. Finally, on the “Rebuild has finished” prompt, click OK.
  6. Verify the data once again to ensure that the harm has been fully repaired.
  7. Sixth solution: Download the Payroll Update in Safe Mode.
  8. If another application is interfering with the payroll update, you may download the updates in safe mode following the instructions below.
  9. Exit QuickBooks and power off your computer.
  10. Reboot it and click on the Power icon while holding the Shift key.
  11. Restart the computer, and then go to the Choose an Options page and choose Troubleshoot.
  12. Select Advanced and then Startup Settings.
  13. After the machine restarts, choose Restart and then the fifth option from the list.
  14. Download the payroll update once the machine boots into Safe mode.
  15. If the download was successful, reboot the machine into Normal Mode and repeat the download.

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Using the techniques outlined above, you should be able to Fix QuickBooks Error PS033. If you get stuck in  Quickbooks Error Message H202, Resolve It Now.

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