How to Fix QuickBooks Code 12029 Error?

As Intuit says, QuickBooks error 12029 occurs when QuickBooks fails to reach the server. This is caused by Internet latency or a time-out request caused when blocked by the QuickBooks firewall.

Being one of the QuickBooks 12000 series errors, the causes of error code 12029 are more likely and are mentioned below.

External Causes of QuickBooks Error 12029

  • Internet security or firewall to access QuickBooks blocking server.
  • During QuickBooks payroll download request network time out.
  • Incorrect SSL setting.
  • Unsupported internet browser
  • Dropped Internet Packet.

The reasons cited above may also cause additional QuickBooks update errors as cited below.

Internal causes of QuickBooks update error 12029

  • QuickBooks Connectivity Failures
  • Connection Issues in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks update timeout
  • QuickBooks is blocked from accessing the server

This specific error is also termed differently as QuickBooks 12000 series error whenever users encounter those searches. Therefore, you must know the terminology of this error to avoid confusion about what the QuickBooks 12000 Series error is related to. Take a look at parole error 12029 synonymous

  • Quickbooks desktop update error 12029
  • Error 12029 updating QuickBooks payroll
  • QB service message error 12029
  • Payroll error 12029 quickbooks

Fix to Fix QuickBooks Update Error 12029

The error code 12029 is caused by a specific state of affairs and due to insufficiency of components. In addition, these components are required to get updates done flawlessly without the occurrence of QuickBooks payroll QuickBooks payroll errors.

Solution 1: Fix local computer and Internet flaws and fix internal QuickBooks desktop errors

  • Try updating your computer system (Windows Update and Shuffle)
  • QuickBooks Desktop update to the latest release.
  • Check the Internet latency to verify if there are any dropped Internet packets.
  • Upgrade your Internet Explorer to 11.0 and set as your default browser.
  • Correct SSL setting and TLS 1.2 enabled.
  • Configure Internet Firewall and Internet Security QuickBooks connections are allowed.
  • Try to restart the computer and update again.

Solution 2: Reconfigure your QuickBooks payroll and reboot updates

  • Repeat all the steps described in scenario-2
  • Unplug your wireless router or internet switch and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Turn on the wireless router or internet switch and now check for internet latency.
  • Open QuickBooks and Company File.
  • Press Ctrl + K key from your keyboard.
  • Followed by clicking on the edit option window
  • Uncheck Open Payroll Setup Options and click

Payroll updates will automatically continue in their own, wait until the process ends.

Solution 3: update quickbooks

  • First, select Help and click on Internet Connection Setup.
  • Then, select Click Next and again.
  • Try the QB update again:
  • QuickBooks 2008 and newer versions: Help select and select update QuickBooks. Then, click on the Update Now tab.
  • QB 2008 and earlier versions: First, select the file and then click Update QuickBooks. Click the update tab now.

Don’t be surprised or upset if you come across some more QuickBooks errors. This article also led to QuickBooks connection errors mentioned earlier.

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