How To Fix Quickbooks Error Code 6000?

QuickBooks error 6000 occurs when we are try to open a company file and we are not able to open that file . This error is followed by four digits like 6000xxxx and display a message showing that you are not able to open this file.

Reasons for QuickBooks error code 6000

  • Damage of company files on their own.
  • Many users for the same company file.
  • Installation of QuickBooks may be incomplete.
  • The folder containing files may be damaged.
  • records may be missed in the establishment of quickbooks.
  • The user who is try to access the company files may not have the appropriate permission.

Solutions to resolve QuickBooks error 6000

There are many solutions to solve this error 6000.discuss below briefly.

Solution 1: recreation of the damaged folder

  • Make a new folder on c:/ drive.
  • Open this folder where the company files is saved.
  • Mention the file .for example – qb file.
  • Right click on the qb file.
  • Then open the new folder and paste the qb file.
  • Now open the file in new location

Solution 2: copy the quickbooks file on the computer

  • Open the folder containing the company file.
  • Find out the file with extension qb
  • Do right click on the company file, then click copy and go to desktop and select paste.
  • Open the company file you copied .

Solution 3: download the quickbooks company file tool

  • Download the quickbooks company file tool and install.
  • In case tool shows data damage and does not recover it .then you have following options.
  • Restore your all data by using auto data recovery.
  • Restore backup company file.
  • Then send all your company files to data recovery team.

Solution 4: rename the .nd and .tlg files.

.nd and .tlg files allowed the quickbooks to access the company files. Renaming these files doesn’t result into any data loss as these are automatically recreated

  • With the same name, find the files with the .nd and the .tlg extensions.for example : company file_ qb.nd
  • Right-click these files and change the extensions.
  • To the file extensions add the word .old at the end of these files.
  • Open quickbooks again and try to sign in your company file.

Solution 5 : use unc path instead of mapped drive

  • Right click on the quickbooks icon.
  • Hold the ctrl key and select the run as administrator.
  • Holding down the ctrl key prevents quickbooks desktop from auto opening .
  • Open and restore company , from file menu
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