How To Fix Quickbooks Error Code 6070?

The QuickBooks error code 6070 means that amount calculation is not accurate in the request. It belongs to the specific error category.

When this QuickBooks error occurs?

This mistake occurs when the amount calculated is not correct, that is the quantity * unit price of the item is not equal to the complete value.

How to fix the error?

We have a range of steps to solve this fault. To solve this problem, you need to modify the value slightly to make the values in both the programs equal. To make them equal you should be cautious when entering the amount and price of the product you have used in your business .You can resolve this problem by two methods either by modifying the price of the item or changing the rate. We will discuss in detail.

Adjusting the price of the item:

In this topic, we will see how to change the price of one item or more than one item to equal the supplied value.

(1) Change the price of one item:

To change the price of one item follow the steps given below:
  • First, launch the QuickBooks support software on your system.
  • Select the customers tab which appears in the top of the screen and then select change item prices.
  • After that select the items prices which you need to adjust, in order to make them equal to the supplied value.
  • Now type the new price of the item in the field “price” which is next to the column new price.
  • After correcting the price of the item click on the OK button to save the changes.
  • Changing the price of more items: To change the price of more than one item follow the steps given below:
  • Open the QuickBooks software and click on customers tab and then select the change item prices option.
  • After the prices of the items which you want to change to equal the amount to the amount supplied.
  • Click the item which you need to adjust in the checkmark column. In case if you want to adjust all items price then click on select all button.

These are the methods you need to follow to adjust the items prices in the QuickBooks software to solve the QuickBooks error code 6070.

Changing the rate:

In this topic, we can see how to change the rate of the item in order to make it equal to the supplied item rate in detail.

Change the item’s rate:

In order to change the rate of the items you need to follow the steps given below:

  • In the QuickBooks software click on the menu lists and then select the option item list from the list of options available.
  • Then click on the item drop-down arrow.
  • Enter the rate you need to change in the edit item window. After providing the rate, depending on the rate of an item you need to change the cost of the item.
  • After completing all the above steps click on the save button to close the window and save the rate.
  • Change the local sales tax rate: To change the rate of the item, we can also do it by changing the local tax rates. To change the local sales tax rate follow the steps given below:
  • Open the Quickbooks software.
  • Click on the Employee menu and in that select the Employee center option.
  • After that click on the employee tab and double click on the employee name for who you need to change the local sales tax.
  • Click the change tab drop down menu and select payroll and compensation info from the list of options available.
  • Click on the taxes button and then others tab.
  • Choose the tax you need to change and enter the tax amount in the rate field.
  • After providing the new rate, click on the save button to save the change of new rate entered by you.
  • These are the steps you need to follow in order to make the supplied item of quantity equal. By using the above two methods you can easily solve the error 6070 or 6060 of the QuickBooks.
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