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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6129?

QuickBooks error code 6129 occurs when database connection validation fails, or QuickBooks was looking to access company files. The error message will appear as ‘Failure Verification Database Connection‘.

QuickBooks error code 6129

As a result, you have been unable to open the company’s records. If you are already on the network; however, if the error still occurs then it is probably a ‘network problem‘ where it is the computer/server file that cannot be detected.

To improve QuickBooks error code 6129, it is imminent to know the causes that have given rise to the issue. We will begin with the reasons and then move on to the solution.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6129

Reason 1: The computer running in multi-user mode has not been updated to the latest release.

Reason 2: There is a mismatch between the client domain and the server.

Reason 3: Corrupted / damaged (.ND) network data file.

Reason 4: The company upgraded to QuickBook’s latest version file with a non-windows admin profile.

Reason 5: Error 61290 in QuickBooks due to a third-party anti-virus.

Reason 6: Now that we know the possible reason, let’s move on to the solution.

You may see this box on your screen:

QuickBooks error code 6129

Fix to QuickBooks Solution Error Code 6129

Consider the following points in the scenarios below:

  • You are creating a new company file.
  • In this scenario, choose ‘Leave of Easy Step‘ in the interview window. After this, will you get a signal for saving the file and select Yes here. Choose a different filename and opt ‘Save.
  • Are you open or upgrading a company file.
  • You must open a sample company file to see whether the problem is related to a specific file only. You can see QB error 6129 if the problem is with all files, then solution 2 applies.

Solution 1: Rename ‘.Nd file’

  • First, open the folder containing the QB company file and locate the .ND file that needs to be opened and match that ND file that the company needs. e.g.- Companyfilename.qbw.nd.
  • Right-click on the .ND file.
  • Select ‘Rename’
  • Add ‘.old’ and select name.qbw.nd.OLD to file the example company.
  • If the company file is used on multiple computers, users will set up QB Database Server Manager. However, if QuickBooks is set to only one computer, you can open the company files Open.

Solution 2: Copy the company file to another location

  • Once a new folder is created, go to the folder where the company file is stored. Now copying QuickBooks error 6129 (.QBW).
  • Copying the.QBW is important
  • The QBW file must be pasted into the folder that was created.
  • Set up permissions folder if QuickBooks is used on many computers. Then QuickBooks add a new folder in the database server management.

How to set up folder permissions?

The user can right-click on the display that is the company file and the properties folder. Select ‘Advanced in the Security tab’.

Choose QBDataServiceUserXX and choose Edit. Make sure that these settings are in allowed mode:
  • Transverse folder / execute file
  • List folder/read data
  • Read properties
  • Read extended properties
  • Generate files/write data
  • Make folders / attached data
  • Write properties
  • Write extended properties
  • Read permissions
Modified step to fix the permissions set up:
  • Right-click the folder with ‘Company’
  • Select properties and then select ”
  • Press ‘edit’
  • Choose ‘QBDataserviceUserXX’ and then select ‘Done’
  • Press allow
  • Besides, select ”
  • Press OK

Change folder permissions

  • First, press Windows + E
  • Now open file explorer
  • Go to the Properties folder and select
  • Perform these steps for all the folders on the list. Note: ‘Apply to all folders‘ applies as per the QuickBooks version.
  • Select ‘Everyone’ in the Security tab. However, if everyone is not in the ‘group‘ or ‘username box,’ users can add and then type ‘everyone‘.
  • Press ok
  • Next, choose ‘Full Control‘ and press ‘Apply‘.
  • Press ok
  • However, if QuickBooks is used only on a single computer, you can open the company file.

Solution 3: Restart the computer in safe mode

If you restart the computer in safe mode, this will stop third-party applications to restrict QuickBooks to run. You can also try to temporarily disable third-party anti-virus and security programs.

Solution 4: Ensure ‘all computers’ are in the same domain

If you are using any domain, contact which network is established.


Finally, to conclude our blog on QuickBooks error code 6129, we hope that readers can easily understand the content and help them resolve the issue. For any other error problem, you want to fix just click on this:- Quickerrorfix

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