How to Fix QuickBooks Status Error 121 code?

QuickBooks is an all in one software that helps to run your small business efficiently than before. With all the features it provides you need to make your account simple and quick.

A sale to them of QuickBooks Point. You can maintain stocks of all your goods and multiple stores from one place. Using this point of sale, those might get stuck with some errors. You have come across QuickBooks Status Error 121 or have received an error message that displays “QuickBooks Deny Error 121 does not allow you to select from timeout”.

Also, in this article, you will get to know more about what causes the error and its solution.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 121

Have you had a user account and not an admin account in QuickBooks Point of Sale? This is where QuickBooks Error 121 occurs. QuickBooks provides some solutions to overcome QuickBooks Error 121.

In addition, all of the sales process and services stop the QB Point before you attempt to resolve the action.

Stop all POS process and services

  • You have to select the task manager and find all the processes and select close processes.
  • Now close the task manager process and enter the search box services.mscin.
  • In the Services window, you have to search for QBPOS Database Manager.
  • The final step is to finish the All Services and All Services window.

Delete Required Files

If the above solution is not working out for you, then you can try this one out. Most of them get positive results with the above solution itself.

  • View hidden Windows folders on your computer.
  • Move to using space depending on your operating system, here is the solution for Windows 8 7 and Vista.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1: C: \ Program Data \ Intuit \ Eligibility Clients \ v8.0.
  • Vista and Windows 7: C: \ Program Data \ Intuit \ Eligibility Clients \ v8.0.
  • WindowsXPC: \ DocumentsandSettings \ ALLUSERS \ ApplicationData \ Intuit \ EntitlementClient \ v8.0.
  • Now you have to click on all the files in the folder and select the Delete option.
  • XX.0 Key \ Program Data \ Intuit \ QuickBooks Point of Sale: Go to the previous location of the file: c.
  • You approach the INI folder and you have to delete the WSActivity file.
  • Open status again and download and install necessary updates and complete registration.

Terminate all POS processes and services

  • You have to choose to open the Task Manager and the Processes tab.
  • Now finally the processes that are given under:
  • EXE.
  • EXE.
  • Close Task Manager and press the window now + r
  • You have to enter MSc in the given space.
  • Appearing in the window is the search for QBPOS Database Manager.
  • Finally, discontinue services.
  • The above solution should be reso



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