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How to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error?

How to resolve QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error? Data is regarded as the most vital part of any organisation, and QuickBooks keeps all of this critical data on your computer’s local storage. Data loss may occur as a result of hardware failure or an assault by a malicious pathogen. Thus, it is critical to periodically backup your data to prevent such complications (QuickBooks Unable Backup File).

QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error
QuickBooks Unable Backup File

QuickBooks makes it simple to back up your business file with a few clicks, and you can also set up automated backups to regularly backup your company file data at regular intervals. However, issues emerge when backing up data results in QuickBooks error messages (QuickBooks Unable Backup File).

If you discover that QuickBooks cannot back up your business file, you may rapidly fix the situation by following the procedures outlined in this article.

If you are also receiving the “QuickBooks Unable Backup File” or “QuickBooks backup failed” problem, continue reading the article until the end for more troubleshooting information.

An Overview of the QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

If you are attempting to backup several corporate files or the file being backed up is enormous, there is a possibility of encountering backup issues. Additionally, QuickBooks will not backup if you often swap the devices used to store the backup. Once you’ve discovered the case, your screen may display one of the following error messages:

QuickBooks Unable Backup File

Factors Contributing to the QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

  1. The primary reason for the problem is the storage device on which the backup file is stored becoming unavailable.
  2. For instance, the external storage device used to make the QuickBooks backup has been disconnected from the computer.
  3. Damage to the business file data is another reason for QuickBooks users to fail to back up their data.
  4. By specifying the incorrect backup route, QuickBooks may stop or give a backup failure error to the user.
  5. Another reason QuickBooks cannot backup a business file is because there is insufficient RAM available to hold the backup file.

QuickBooks Company File Backup Error: A Workaround- QuickBooks Unable Backup File

Solution 1: Verify and rebuild the QuickBooks company file

  1. Verify and rebuild the QuickBooks company file as a first step
  2. Open QuickBooks and, from the File menu, choose Utilities > Verify Data.
  3. If the Verify Data tool identifies problems with the company file, go back to the Utility drop-down and choose Rebuild Data.
  4. Allow the tool to fix the damage to the business file and then attempt to back up the company file again to see whether the “QuickBooks is not backing up” problem has been resolved.
  5. For more extensive instructions, please refer to our article on using the QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Tool to repair damage to the QuickBooks Company File Data.

You may also utilise QuickBooks File Doctor if the Verify/Rebuild Data Tool does not provide the required results.

Solution 2: In QuickBooks, verify the Backup Directory.

  1. Navigate to the Preferences section of QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the section titled Backup Options.
  3. Options for QuickBooks Backup
  4. Examine the backup directory that you specified in QuickBooks’s Local Backup Only section.
  5. Ascertain that QuickBooks has a proper path for the backup file to be created.
  6. If you discover that the backup path is wrong or unavailable, click Browse and the proper folder location.
  7. Where you wish to store the corporate file backup.
  8. Alternate QuickBooks Backup Directory
  9. Additionally, you may alter the copy directory from the Create Backup box before creating a backup of the business file.

 Solution 3 Rename the QuickBooks Network Data (.ND) File

  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop and launch Windows File Manager.
  2. Locate the network data file by navigating to C: Users Public Public Documents Intuit QuickBooks.
  3. The file will be named identically to your corporate file but will end in. ND.
  4. Rename the file by right-clicking it.
  5. QuickBooks Network Data Files renamed.
  6. Save the file by appending. OLD FILE to the end of the file name.
  7. Recreate a backup of the corporate file.
  8. If the issue “QuickBooks was unable to back up your business file” persists, go to the next step of troubleshooting.

Solution 4: Confirm the Backup Device’s Storage Capacity

If you see an error notice that reads, “To backup, your business file, 645106849 bytes of space must be available on; however, there are now only 31055872 bytes available,” Please make some space available on this disc and retry”,

This indicates that the backup storage is running short on capacity, and you should try eliminating extra files from the disc to provide room for QuickBooks to build a backup. This is a comprehensive tutorial on defragmenting your storage devices.

Reset QuickBooks Updates

  1. QuickBooks should now be open.
  2. Click the Help tab.
  3. Update QuickBooks Desktop by selecting the Update QuickBooks Desktop option and then clicking the Update Now tab.
  4. Select the Reset Updates check box and then click Get Updates.
  5. Continue by clicking OK, and when QuickBooks requests permission to install updates, click OK once more.
  6. Restart QuickBooks Desktop after closing the Update QuickBooks window.
  7. Restore the corporate file from backup.

If none of the solutions listed in this article resolves the “QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error,” a final troubleshooting step is to run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, which will assist in resolving any installation errors that may be causing problems backing up the company file.

Suppose you continue to have difficulties backing up your QuickBooks Business file. In that case, this implies irreversible damage to the company file, and you will need to restore the most recent backup of the company file before taking the backup.


Using the techniques outlined above, you should be able to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error. If you get stuck in  Quickbooks Error Message H202, resolve it now.

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