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How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1303? Resolve Now

Are you unable to resolve QuickBooks Error 1303? You need not worry any longer, as we have prepared this tutorial to assist you in successfully resolving this issue. This issue is often encountered during the installation of the QuickBooks desktop.

It essentially implies that the installer does not have adequate rights to access the directory’s path. This issue also displays an error notice that reads: This error may be very inconvenient for QuickBooks users to deal with. Keeping this in mind, we’ve written this post to explain the reasons and fast solutions for the installation problem 1303. As a result, ensure that you thoroughly read this tutorial and also follow the steps for resolving the problem as soon as feasible.

QuickBooks Error 1303
Fix QuickBooks Error code 1303

What factors contribute to QuickBooks Error code 1303?

There are not many possible causes of this error code, however, there are a few frequent ones. This error is often seen when the system group is unable to access a directory owing to a lack of complete control. Alternatively, if there is a problem with the QuickBooks installation. The identical issue may also occur if the Windows file-sharing settings are incorrect.

  • In the event that the system’s driver does not have adequate capacity to store the installation files.
  • Alternatively, if the system group or the specified directory lacks full control rights.
  • Another possibility is that the Windows file-sharing settings are incorrectly set up.
  • In the event that a technical problem occurs during the QuickBooks installation.

How can I determine the cause of QuickBooks error 1303?

Concerning the symptoms of QuickBooks error code 1303, they include the following:

  • QuickBooks program was unable to be installed for some reason.
  • The windows are freezing repeatedly.
  • Additionally, the issue may be recognized if it appears on the system screen.
  • Another indication of problem 1303 is if the windows interact slowly.
  • Windows operates slowly or may not react at all.

You may observe this dialogue box on your screen:

QuickBooks Error 1303
QuickBooks Error code 1303

Methods for resolving QuickBooks error 1303?

You may either download and install the QuickBooks tool hub or manually fix this issue. Additionally, you may use the rebuild program to resolve this issue.

Additionally, it should be noted that the program may not function properly on Windows Vista owing to changes in file structures and permissions.

You may build a program that restores the default settings for system groups and all group permissions to the Windows defaults. Another alternative is to modify the permissions for all users on the system in full control and the folder C: Document and Settings All Groups manually. Let us examine each technique in turn:

Method 1: To download and install QuickBooks Tools Hub.

The QuickBooks tools hub is an excellent innovation that aids in the resolution of many problems. Installing and downloading the tools hub may assist you in resolving QuickBooks issue 1303. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to shut the program before using this utility. Following the tool’s installation, you may go to the tool’s repair QB desktop install problems section and then utilize the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. The following are the steps involved:

The QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.exe file may be downloaded here.

  • Save the file to your computer’s hard drive.
  • Double-click the file icon and then click Run when prompted.
    Select all the choices associated with QuickBooks installation problems and then click the OK button.
  • Later on, the diagnostic tool will automatically look for and attempt to resolve the problem.

The critical thing to remember here is that the repair process’s speed may vary depending on the internet connection’s speed and the system’s performance.

Method 2: To run the utility.

The program restores the default window settings for system groups and all group permissions. Running the utility may resolve this issue to a certain degree. Consider the following steps:

  • Simply click on the following link: permissionsfix.bat.
  • Select the Save option, and then save the file to the afflicted system’s desktop.
  • Double-click the file to open the DOS window on your desktop, and then enter “Y” at the prompt. When the script is run, the relevant folders’ permissions are reset to their default values. Additionally, you will be asked “are you certain you want to continue?” (Y/N)”.
  • It’s worth noting that you may only enter “y” in lowercase to start the script. If you write Y in Block letters, you will be sent back to the error.
  • Exit the DOS window by pressing any of the keys.
  • Replacing the QuickBooks CD and attempting to reinstall it.

Method 3: Manually resolve the problem

The last approach is to change the permissions for folder C: Documents and settings all users manually to full control for the system and everyone groups. The following are the stages involved in this process:

Step 1: To change the permissions on the relevant directories.
  • To launch the run window, use the Windows + R keys.
  • In the open box, type C: ProgramDataCOMMON FILES and then click the OK tab. This will open the window containing the contents of the folder.
  • In the folder window, choose the arrange option and then select Properties windows 10. Following that, choose properties from the folder window’s top ribbon.
  • In the properties box, choose the Security tab.
  • Select the advanced tab with a click.
  • Select the Edit tab.
  • Select the system used by scrolling down the list of permission items and double-clicking it.
    In the allow column, check the checkbox for the entire control row. Then click the OK button.
  • Repeat the procedure with each group, if any exist.
    Select the option that reads Replace all inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object.
  • Select the OK button.
  • And you may put a stop to it by downloading QuickBooks desktop.
Step 2: Disabling Simple file sharing
  • To begin, hit Windows + R to bring up the Run window.
  • Copy and paste RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Options RunDLL 0 into the RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Options RunDLL 0 and press Enter.
  • Navigate to the advanced settings list on the View tab.
  • Remove the tick from the Use basic file sharing option.
    To complete the installation, choose OK and proceed to the QuickBooks desktop installation. 


Using the techniques outlined above, you should be able to fix QuickBooks Error code 1303. If you get stuck in  Quickbooks Error Message H202, Resolve It Now

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