QuickBooks Error 15106

Fix QuickBooks Error 15106 (The Update Program is Damaged)

QuickBooks Error 15106 code
How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15106?

QuickBooks is an accounting software which is featured for helping small-sized and
mid-sized businessmen. User can mange their customers, employees’ tax files
with the help of QuickBooks. QuickBooks has 3 million followers.

But As every software it also has some errors. QuickBooks Error 15106 is one of
these errors. It is an ordinary error faced by users.

It is an intimidating update error in the software. It may prevent you from
opening an update program. This error can damage the update program. This
type of error can also occur, when the users try to use QuickBooks payroll and are
unable to update the program.

Causes of Quickbooks update error 15106

  1. Antivirus can block the installation of a new update for the security
  2. If you are not logged in as an administrator in your computer then,
    QuickBooks Error 15106 occurs.
  3. Due to inappropriate Windows UAC (User Account Control) settings,
    QuickBooks Error 15105 error occurs
  4. Inappropriate installation of QuickBooks software
  5. When the spy sweeper is present in the web root anti-virus software.

Solution of QuickBooks Error 15106

Switch User And Login as an Administrator

  1. First thing to do Open the Run box by clicking Windows +R together.
  2. Press Control Panel in the given area and Hit on OK.
  3. Login as administrator in user account.
  4. Close QuickBooks if you are already logged in as admin.
  5. Right Click on QuickBooks Desktop icon and choose Run as administrator.
  6. You have all admin rights, try to update QuickBooks again.

Check if Turning off the User Account Control is Effective

  • Click on Windows + R to open the Run box.
  • Now, you provide a box with the text Control Panel.
  • Hit on OK after the entry.
  • Hit on System and Security and the Security and Maintenance.
  • Tap on Change Settings in User Account Control.
  • A new screen appears as a result of your previous action where you move the slider to Never Notify option and after that click on Ok.
  • If prompted then click yes and then Check the status of QuickBooks Error
    Message Code.

Rename Folders After Disabling Your Anti-Virus Application

  1. Right click on anti-virus software and see the drop-down having the option
    to disable the application.
  2. You have to disable your Anti-virus software temporarily.
  3. Install the latest QuickBooks update again to get the improved features in
    your business accounting.
  4. Clean install QuickBooks in selective startup mode
  5. The user must create a backup of the company file.
  6. Now, Keep a copy of the QuickBooks product and license info.
  7. Start the system in selective startup mode. In order to make sure that no
    other application is hindering in completing the task.
  8. Now, uninstall or install QuickBooks desktop.
  9. At last, switch back to the normal startup mode.

Check Whether Spy Sweeper is running.

  1. First of all, Open Task Manager by press ctrl +Alt + Esc.
  2. Now hit on the More Details at the bottom left tab of the window.
  3. Find SpySweeper.exe under the process tab.
  4. If you find “SpySweeper.exe” in the task manager then
  5. Open “Add/Remove Programs and search Spy Sweeper.
  6. Hit on it and choose Uninstall.

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