QuickBooks Error 193

Fix QuickBooks POS Error 193: Troubleshooting POS Store …

Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Error 193

Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Error 193

Meaning: The real purpose of QuickBooks Error is the collaborative Diggy
integrated application used to make a QuickBooks great QuickBooks additional
economical. QuickBooks POS may be a great tool that permits you to extend the
number of consumers and it conjointly manages all the bank processes.

QuickBooks purpose of Sale may be a nice add on application that simply
integrates with all the software system and different third-party applications that
increase the potency of QuickBooks accounting programs. The error software 193
in QuickBooks POS will have an effect on your work flow and you would like to
resolve it as shortly as attainable.

For this, is accessible 24×7 with its extremely
knowledgeable ProAdvisor’s certified kind dig. You simply have to be compelled to
dial their fee range for support and you may be provided the most effective
resolution. After doing This a lot of Questions arise in our mind like a reason and

How to Fix: Error 193:0xc1 Windows could not start the

Follow the Below given steps to resolve the QuickBooks POS Error 193

  1. Go the Reports
  2. Open a customer List report
  3. Double click on the most customer
  4. Click on the read List choice
  5. Customer List can open within the previous v9 edition
  6. Select all by pressing the CTRL + A keys
  7. Select I would like To Delete a Customer(s)
  8. In the Headquarters server, head to Files
  9. Select Utilities
  10. Click on resend choice
  11. Receive the mailbag at the scheduled store


There area unit varied reasons why this error 193 software in QuickBooks seems. A
number of these reasons are-

  1. You have matched department softwires within the software
  2. Deleted or integrated customer name
  3. Corrupt or broken customer list at the secluded store where the
    transmission of the mailbox was happening
  4. If having corrupt .qbt files


  • There are copy-division names or softwires
  • Customer names were either erased or combined
  • Remote Store customer is broken
  • Damaged or corrupt .QBT files


There area unit totally different solutions that you’ll be able to follow to beat the
QuickBooks error 193 software. Below area unit few solutions to follow

Solution1: Update the Window security measures
updating window security features:

  1. Click on the beginning button and choose board
  2. Click on Windows update and hit check for updates.
  3.  If there area unit updates accessible to put in then click currently
  4.  Restart your PC and take a look at the software once more

Solution2: Managing Customer list:

Managing Customer list:

  1. Open the Reports tab on the Quick Books POS
  2. Run the Report on Customer list
  3. The first customer to be elite and double-click thereon
  4. When the primary customer details are on the screen, check read list
    section on the highest
  5. A new customer List can open within the recent or nine version.
  6.  Select all by pressing ctrl+A from The keyboard.
  7. Once you have got elite all the purchasers from the list, choose I would like
    to possibility and Deleted the Customer.
  8. On the Headquarters, go to file
  9. Select Utilities then presses Resend
    If on top of solutions don’t work and therefore the QuickBooks Error 193 still
    seems then you would like to decision up QuickBooks to support phone number
    for any help. You can do.
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