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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 9999?

QuickBooks is the world’s fastest-growing accounting software, with corporations and businesses using it on a global scale. It is very beneficial to a business’s management and accounting departments. However, due to the volume of data it manages, QuickBooks may sometimes show certain mistakes. This blog post will discuss QuickBooks Error Code 9999, its origins, symptoms, and possible remedies.

QuickBooks Error 9999
Quickbooks Error code 9999

What is the meaning of QuickBooks Error Code 9999?

QuickBooks Error Code 9999 may cause the system to become unresponsive or to hang. This often occurs when a user attempts to modify, renew, or update the firm’s financial information and accounts. The banking error 9999 messages shown on the user’s screen indicates that QB is unable to update the user’s record. It continues by advising the user to try refreshing again later. This issue may be fixed by following a few troubleshooting procedures.

You might be seeing this dialogue box on your screen:

QuickBooks Error Code 9999

Factor Quickbooks Online error 9999

The following reasons may contribute to the occurrence of QuickBooks Online Error 9999

  1. QuickBooks’s corrupted version
  2. The virus-infected computer system that damaged QuickBooks data
  3. Changes to QuickBooks data Inconsistent data between the bank and the programme.
  4. This is the most often occurring cause of error 9999.

How does QuickBooks Error 9999 manifest itself?

  • QuickBooks Online users are unable to connect to their banks.
  • The web browser becomes unresponsive.
  • QuickBooks is either unavailable or replies slowly.
  • A notice displays on the user’s computer’s screen informing him or her that their account cannot be updated.
  • A notification informs the user that he or she should attempt to update their account later.

How to Fix QuickBooks Online Error 9999

To fix QuickBooks online Error 9999, the user may follow the steps outlined below –

Solution 1: Report the problem item

  1. In the QuickBooks Online Error 9999 message box, locate and click on the Report problem item.
  2. The user must provide his or her name and email address in the boxes provided.
    Select Submit.

Solution 2: Disconnect Your Existing Quickbooks Online Account

  1. To begin, disconnect your existing QuickBooks Online account from your bank account.
  2. Locate and click on the pencil symbol in the account that failed to update.
  3. Select Edit account information and then click.
  4. Now, on save, you must choose Disconnect this account.
  5. Following this, you must choose Save and Close.
  6. Return to the dashboard.
  7. Due to the fact that your account and bank have been disconnected, you must re-establish the connection.
  8. After that, click Add account and connect your QuickBooks Online account.
  9. To get access to your bank account, enter your login and password.
  10. Once the connection is created, your QB Online account will get the bank account’s updated transactions.

Solution 3: Navigate to Favorites in the Internet Explorer web browser.

  • Navigate to the History section.
  • Select a filter to see history.
  • To remove a website, right-click it and choose delete.
  • Check to see whether QuickBooks Error 9999 appears on your screen.

Solution 4: In the search box next to Start, type the term command.

  1. Enter while holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys.
  2. In the dialogue window, click Yes.
  3. Type the term – Regedit – and press Enter on the resulting screen.
  4. Select the key that corresponds to Online Error 9999 in QuickBooks that you want to backup.
  5. Export is a menu option in the File menu.
  6. Select a folder in which to store the QuickBooks backup key.
  7. You must provide a name for the backup file in the File name box.
  8. Verify that you have selected the Selected branch. If not, choose it.
  9. Make a copy of the file and save it as an a.reg file.
  10. Maintain a backup of all QB-related registry entries. 


Using the techniques outlined above, you should be able to Fix Quickbooks Error code 9999. If you get stuck in  Quickbooks Error Message H202 or QuickBooks Error Code 15106, Resolve It Now.

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